Brian Reddy, a native of Orlando, Florida, is a filmmaker who has a deep love and passion for the horror genre. His fascination with the genre ignited during his formative years and has since continued to flourish. Currently a senior film and television student at SCAD in Atlanta, Brian's journey into filmmaking began at the age of 10, when he took on the roles of writer, director, and editor for his short films.
Upon relocating to Atlanta, Brian wasted no time diving into the local film scene. He started producing short films such as "Lost Time" and "Brown Babies" for the production company David Flicks. In 2021, he released his queer horror short titled "The Chapel in the Closet,"  which earned the Audience Choice Award at Midsummer Scream and garnered attention at numerous festivals nationwide.
Currently, Brian is immersed in the post-production phase of his capstone film, "Away with the Breeze," a project that blends the golden age of cinema with a horror twist. Additionally, he is also developing a TV show titled "Shook! Queens of the Dead," where he serves as the Showrunner and Director. This thrilling reality series follows a group of drag queens as they embark on spine-tingling adventures to explore and investigate the most haunted places in America.
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